FEASS would like to announce the launch of the Learning Hub for the 2014 Fall semester.

At FEASS, we believe that the dissemination of knowledge among students is an effective approach within the teaching-learning process. This teaching practice enables 4th year students to transfer their knowledge and experience to 1st year students. For this purpose FEASS is launching ‘the Learning Hub’ to be run from 30 October 2014 to 30 December 2014 for courses given during the fall semester.

The Learning Hub is situated on the first floor of the FEASS building and is designated for tutoring practices for courses determined by the Departments. Within the allocated course time, a 4th year student will provide tutorials and answer course-related questions from students who are taking the course during the semester.

If you are interested in experiencing such a learning activity and improving your performance in your courses, please contact your department.