Bilkent University Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences is composed of five departments. Bilkent FEASS is known for keeping a close eye of its departments’ areas of interests and its high contribution to the international research. Every department rises on the shoulders of clued-in scholars who conduct high quality research and are reputable scholars of their areas in Turkey and Europe. They are distinguished both with their educations and their research areas.

FEASS emphasizes interdisciplinary approach in its studies. Both the research interests of scholars and the contents of the courses address this principle of interdisciplinary education. FEASS students are offered different courses from different departments and this way they are presented a stimulating academic experience.
Students of Economics, International Relations and Political Science and Public Administration departments come together in their senior year to conduct a GE4XX Transdisciplinary Project as a compulsory course of their curricula and experience concentrating their knowledge of different fields on a collective project by discovering the differences and similarities of their departments at first hand. FEASS also encourages the Minor Degree Programs offered by Bilkent University and enables improvement of students at diverse fields.

Bilkent University’s Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences’ five departments are:

  • Economics: B.A. Master’s and PhD
  • History: Master’s and PhD
  • International Relations: B.A. SUNY Dual Diploma Program of Global and International Relations, Master’s, Master of International Affairs and Public Policy and PhD
  • Psychology: B.A. Master’s and PhD
  • Political Science and Public Administration: B.A. and PhD