On Monday May 11th, student teams of GE443 and GE445 presented their transdisciplinary senior projects to panels of experts. Organized into a total of 25 teams, the students of both courses worked on their team projects intensively throughout the semester. GE443 Students ‘Social Challenges in Turkey’ analysed multiple social challenges by integrating different disciplinary perspectives, and presented their projects to an expert panel consisting of Saime Özçürümez (POLS), Sibel Kalaycıoğlu (ODTÜ), Nazlı Önkal (John Wiley and Sons). The first prize was awarded to the team project entitled ‘ LGBT Community under the Counter Effects of Neoconservatism and Democratic Globalization’. The second panel, held for GE445 ‘Power and Globalization’, evaluated student projects that explored how power works in the global political economy. The students presented their projects to Ferhat Emil (ECON), Nilgun Fehim Kennedy (POLS) and Onur Isci (IR). The project named ‘Microcredit: the False Promise of Development and Empowerment’ was awarded the first prize.

FEASS GE courses have become the ultimate arena for senior FEASS students to conduct project management in transdisciplinary teams. GE projects continue to impress expert panellists since the launch of the courses in 2012. In the reception held at FEASS Atrium, students, their parents, panellists, and lecturers of GE courses celebrated one more successful semester.

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On May 10, student teams in FEASS transdisciplinary courses GE440 (Globalization) and GE441 (the European Union) presented their projects to panels of experts. Organized into 17 teams in total, students in both courses worked on their projects intensively throughout the semester, integrating different disciplinary perspectives. In GE440, students explored various dimensions of globalization. At the conclusion of the semester, they presented the results of their work to a panel composed of Bahar Çelikkol Erbaş (TOBB-ETÜ), Clemens Hoffmann (Bilkent), Nida Shoughry (Bilkent University), Ferhat Emil (Bilkent University) and Hüsnü Ada (Ministry of Economy). The first prize went to a project entitled “Das Kebab: Intergenerational Integration of Turkish Migrants in Germany”. GE441 students, who analyzed different aspect of the European Union, had their efforts judged by a panel consisting of Başak Alpan (METU), Petek Karatekelioğlu (EU Ministry), Murat Önsoy (Hacettepe University), Emre Sayın (EU Ministry) and Selver Şahin (Bilkent University). The project entitled “Europe’s Turn to the Right: Investigating the Far Right Populism and Extremism” was awarded first prize. The panels were followed by a reception where the parents of GE students celebrated the hard-work and success of their children. The reception took place in FEASS Atrium. In Fall 2014-15, FEASS transdisciplinary GE courses will be offered to senior students in the Departments of Economics, International Relations, Political Science and Public Administration. Please follow the course’s Facebook page: /FEASSGE4XX


On 28 December, GE440 and GE443 teams presented their projects to the panels of experts. Organized into twenty teams in total, both courses’ students worked on their team projects intensively throughout the semester. In GE440, students discovered different dimensions of globalization in a transdisciplinary manner. Finally, on the panel day, teams of GE440 were in a fruitful academic competition in order to impress the panel of experts involving Bahar Çelikkol Erbaş (TOBB-ETÜ), Ceren Ergenç (METU), Can Mutlu (Bilkent University), Gökçer Özgür (Hacettepe University), Emine Tokgöz (Turkish Competition Authority). The first prize went to project entitled ‘Zeus is Fired!: Global Financial Crisis\’ European Quest’. Students of GE443 analysed multiple social challenges in Turkey by integrating different disciplinary perspectives and prepared their projects for the panel consisting of Kamer Karakurum Özdemir (World Bank), Aslıhan Moğulkoç (İşKur), Ömer Fazlıoğlu (European Union Delegation in Turkey), Refet Gürkaynak (Bilkent University), Muharrem Sarıkaya (Habertürk and TOBB ETÜ). The project entitled ‘Is It Just A Garbage Or A Way To Charge Your Smartphone?’ was awarded the first prize. In Spring 2013-2014, GE440 and GE441 will be offered to the senior students of Economics, International Relations, Political Science and Public Administration. For more information visit: Facebook-GE   Courses page


Last month, GE 441: “Transdisciplinary Senior Project on the European Union” students presented their work to a panel of experts that included Tolga Bölükbaşı (Bilkent University), Emin Çapa (CNN-Türk), Yusuf Işık (economist), Fatih Özatay (Radikal, TOBB-ETU/TEPAV), Elisabeth Özdalga (Bilkent University) and Başak Yavcan (TOBB-ETU). Organized into nine groups, the students had worked intensively during the 2012 fall semester on their individual topics related to the European Union, ranging from energy policies, minority rights and balance of power among the members, to the changing role of institutions and the ongoing debt crisis. The end-of-semester presentations were proof of the students’ hard work and provided a great opportunity to reap the fruits of their progress over the course of the semester, according to course instructors Selin Sayek Böke (ECON) and Ali Tekin (IR). The presentations illustrated not only the breadth of knowledge students had acquired across the three disciplines of economics, international relations and political science, but also their acquisition of skills in working in teams and presenting their ideas in a coherent, well-organized and confident manner. The panel of experts awarded first prize to the presentation by Ali Antekin, Öncü Güneş, Mehmet Can İrhan, Merve Ezgi Özbakan and Buğra Polat, entited “Fiscal Union as a Prelude for Deepening Political Integration within the European Union.” The award was presented to the team by FEASS Dean Dilek Önkal. In addition, three of the groups, who completed the course with the highest grade for their projects, will be publishing their work in the journal İktisat ve Toplum in the coming two months.Bilkent News CHECK OUT NEW FACEBOOK PAGE OF GE COURSES