GE 400 Transdisciplinary Senior Project Spring 2023 Poster Presentations

SECTION 1: F. Tahire Erman / Ersin Soylu

Group Disclosure: Sex Work as an Industry: the Netherlands and Japan

Group Lucid: ‘Utopic’ Resilient City Framework: Questioning its Attainability from the Perspective of Centralized Governance

Group Icons: Production Surplus and Profit Maximization: Global Brands “Wasting” Their Products

Group Original: Gender and Power in the High-end Fashion Industry: The Challenges Women Face at Fashion Houses

Group Primis: Citizens’ Perception of Refugees as a Cause of Unemployment and Their
Stigmatization: The Comparison of Türkiye and Sweden

Group Sunrise:  Environmental Sustainability and Energy Crisis in the Transition to Electric Vehicles: Policies Counteracting Practices in Türkiye and The Netherland


SECTION 2: Burcu Sarı Karademir / Jacob N. Minniear

Group Syrup: Digital Gender Gap and Disaster Management

Group Horizon: Shaping Turkey’s Future: Children and Disaster

Group Babylon: Women’s Cooperatives, Smart City and Sustainable Development

Group Anonymous:  Asylum Seekers in Disasters: Syrian Asylum Seekers in Turkey after the February 6 Earthquake

Group Irony: Power Struggles and Climate Goals: Decoding the Inconsistencies of the Paris Climate Agreement

Group Disastermanagers: The Role of Institutional Quality in Disaster Governance Performance: The Cases of Japan, Türkiye, and Haiti


SECTION 3: F. Mine Kara / Pınar E. Önkol

Group 777: Women’s Leadership: Is It a Way to Prevent Violence Against Women?

Group Senlik: Turkeys Education and Health Nexus in Light of Amartya Sens Capability Approach 

Group Cartels: Why Latin American Country Colombia Fails in Drug Decriminalization while Portugal Succeeds?

Team Carbon: Attainability of the EU’s Aim to be Climate-Neutral by 2050

Team Mermaids:  Reproductive Rights in Argentina: A Transdisciplinary Investigation of the Factors Behind the Transition From Anti-Abortion to Pro-Abortion Rights 


SECTION 4: Ioannis Grigoriadis / Ersin Soylu

Group Chelsea: The EU and the Paris Agreement

Group Eurokenters: The EU AI and Big Data Legislation and Its Effect on European and Global Policy

Group Pioneers: Brain Drain within the European Union

Group Schengen: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in EU Policy


SECTION 5: Tudor A. Onea / Pınar E. Önkol

Friends of Laika: The Russian Gambit: A Game Theory Approach to the New Space Age

Group Diamonds: The Impact of Political Institutions on Natural Resources Management: A Comparison of Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan

Group Proteo: The Impact of 2023 Türkiye-Syria Earthquakes on Türkiye

Group Research_Offenders: Examining Türkiye’s Growing Role in the Global Plastic Waste Trade: A Multidimensional Analysis

Team Green: A Green Wall Comparison: China and Nigeria


SECTION 6: T. Mine Kara /  Jacob N. Minniear

Team 339: Neoliberalism, Islamophobia and the Far-Right: Examining the Relationship in the US Context

Team Perception: Effect of the Earthquakes: Voter Behaviour

The Team: A Theory of Social Custom: Do Customs and Traditions Affect Female Labor Force Participation?

Team Automata: Can Application of AI Technologies Be Competent in Promoting Economic Competitiveness While Being Ethical?

Team Karam: A Beautiful Mind: Türkiye’s Role in Russia – Ukraine Conflict

Team Almazing: Big Data and AI’s Effects on Public Opinion: Implications for the Public and Private Sectors in Autocratic and Democratic Countries