You are always part of Bilkent FEASS family!


Graduation day may feel like the end of your time at Bilkent, and life after Bilkent might seem frightening, but it is only the beginning of something brand new! Whether it’s been a few months or a few years since you’ve last been to the A-Building or Main Campus, you’ll always be a part of our family. As a graduate, you will see that Bilkent will guide you wherever you are. You will be a part of a community of over 35.000 alumni who make us proud by leading fulfilled lives in academia, private and public sector. Our goal is to assure the continued excellence of Bilkent and to enhance the self-esteem and determination of its alumni, as they are our representatives across five continents.

FEASS values its graduates. Being one of the largest faculties of Bilkent, FEASS is the bridge to keep our alumni in touch with the faculty, and is eager to unite you with the campus, current students, and other oldest and newest alumni through a wide range of activities. We not only strengthen ties after graduation, but we also provide you assistance. We share our experiences and knowledge through a broad range of activities contributing alumni interests and enabling access to many benefits and services including social and professional networking, cultural and social events, collaboration with scientific and cultural societies and associations in Turkey and abroad. With Bilkent FEASS alumni network, we will lead you to new markets and organize platforms to foster cooperation amongst alumni to make business with each other.

With every new achievement and discovery Bilkent FEASS makes, your diploma increases in value. We take pride in your accomplishments, knowing that you’re one of our own. So please keep us updated on your achievements and your major life events! The newly updated FEASS alumni website helps you stay connected through special events, information, and opportunities tailored specifically to our alumni. Come join us to maintain long-term bonds that grew from those developmental years at the University.
If you are a prospective student of the Bilkent FEASS family, here is what FEASS alumni do after they successfully complete their programs.