HIST 200 History of Turkey

‘History of Turkey’ (HIST 200) is a compulsory course for all Bilkent University undergraduate students. This course is designed to encourage students to work in group projects about any topic of their choice that relates to the history of Turkey.  Since the beginning of 2011 Spring Semester, students from each department at Bilkent University have been presenting their group projects based on their research topics. Each of these projects shed light on a specific field of Turkish history. These projects are then examined by a panel from Bilkent University and successful projects are chosen to receive awards in the September of the following academic year.

HIST 200 Coordinator:

Asst. Prof. Berrak Burçak e-mail: berrak@bilkent.edu.tr

HIST 200 Administrative Assistant:

Ebru Şeniz Akgül e-mail: seniz.akgul@bilkent.edu.tr    Room:AZ10   Ph: 290 #2223


HIST 200 Instructors


Abdürrahim Özer: abdurrahimozer@gmail.com

İbrahim Mert Öztürk: imert@bilkent.edu.tr

Kudret EmiroÄŸlu: kudret@kebikec.org

M. Süha Ünsal: sunsal@bilkent.edu.tr

F. Özden Mercan: ozdenmer@gmail.com

Turaç Hakalmaz: thakalmaz@bilkent.edu.tr

Merve Biçer: bicer@bilkent.edu.tr

Yasemin BaÅŸaran: yaseminb@bilkent.edu.tr

Burcu FeyzullahoÄŸlu: burcuf@bilkent.edu.tr


In the links below, you can find the titles of award winning projects, the names of award winning students, and pictures from the awards ceremonies.

2012 Awards Ceremony

2013 Awards Ceremony

2014 Awards Ceremony

2015 Awards Ceremony

2016 Awards Ceremony

2017 Awards Ceremony