HIST200 2012 Awards

Group members receiving their ‘best project’ award

Group members receiving their ‘best project’ award ‘History of Turkey’ (HIST 200), a compulsory course for all Bilkent University undergraduate students, was redesigned during the last academic year to encourage students to work in group projects on their selected topics related to the history of Turkey. Since the beginning of 2011 Spring Semester, students from each department at Bilkent University have been presenting their final projects based on their research topics. Each of these very interesting projects shed light on a specific field of Turkish history. These projects were examined by a panel from the History Department and 10 successful projects were chosen to receive awards. The award ceremony took place on October 4th at 17.45 in the C-Block Amphitheathre and was widely attended by students and their families. Professor Halil İnalcık, the doyen of Ottoman History, honored the award ceremony with a speech entitled “Old Turkey and New Turkey”. In his talk, Prof. İnalcık expressed his excitement about the new design of HIST200 course and underlined the importance of history in understanding modern Turkey. Prof. Ali Doğramacı, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and President of the University, and Prof. İnalcık shared their memories of how the History Department was founded and encouraged the students to enrich their learning experiences via a special appreciation of history. In the ceremony, the top 10 groups were given certificates of achievement, while the top three groups also received annual subscriptions to Toplumsal Tarih Dergisi as special awards. Awards were presented by President of Bilkent University Prof. Ali Doğramacı and Rector of Bilkent University Prof. Abdullah Atalar.