GE 400 Transdisciplinary Senior Project Fall 2022 Poster Presentations

SECTION 1: F. Tahire Erman / Ersin Soylu 

Group Oxymoron: The Effects of Green Energy Transition on Agriculture: Smallholder Farmers

Group EcoStorm: The Question of Sustainability of Eco-Cities: Can Environmental and Economic Sustainability Coexist?

SECTION 2: Burcu Sarı Karademir / Andrew W. Hassell

Group Decent: FDI in Textile Industry and Effects on Decent Work Standards in Turkey (2010-2021)

Group Nuclear: The EU’s Energy Dependency and Nuclear “Green” Diversification Under the Paris Agreement

Group Syrup: EU’s Normative Dilemma: The Impact of Energy Self-Sufficiency on Foreign Policy

Group Absolute: Public-Private Partnership and Democracy: The Case of Turkey

Group Paradox: Sustainable Fashion’s Carbon Footprint Under the Jevons Paradox

SECTION 3: M. Eray Yücel / Ersin Soylu 

Group Ecols: Comparative Analysis of Scale, Scope and Quality on Healthcare: In the Cases of UK, T├╝rkiye, and the USA

Group Coven: Changing Patterns of Global Sourcing: A Retrospective Analysis of the Offshoring Practices of Ready-Made Garment Manufacturing

Group Inevitables: Fines Against Digital Service Providers: Regulation or Taxation?

Group Polishers: Gender-Biased Sex Selection

Group Agents: The Impacts of Remote Work on Employee Well-being and Gender Equality

SECTION 4: ├ľzlem Sefer / P─▒nar E. ├ľnkol┬á

Group Butterflies: Gender Inequality in Entrepreneurship: The Case for Chile

Group POM: Climate Change Policies Amongst Right Wing Parties in Spain, Germany and France 

Group 7Up: Reverse the Brain Drain: The Case of India

SECTION 5: Dimitrios Akrivoulis / Jacob N. Minniear 

Group Road-Benders: The BRI in Kazakhstan: A Case for China’s Neocolonialism and Cultural and Economic Hegemony

Group Environmentalists: The Impact of Inflation Upon Environmental Protection Policies in Developing and Developed Countries

Group Mastika: In Search For a “Better Future”: Serbian Brain Drain and the Element of Hope

Group Ouzo: The Rise of Extreme Right in The EU As a Challenge to Liberal Democracy: The Cases of Italy and France

Group The Three Musketeers: The Western Sahara Dispute: Security Concerns and Material Interests Against Self-Determination

SECTION 6: T. Mine Kara / P─▒nar E. ├ľnkol┬á

Group Cosmos: Food Security and Food Waste in Turkey

Group Turunc: Child Labor: Root Causes and Possible Solutions in T├╝rkiye

Group Snowflake: A New Implementation for Work Schedule: The Four-Day Workweek

Group FISB: Effect of Civil Society Organization on Democracy, Development, and Human Rights Within the EU

Group Fabric: Unsustainability of Fast Fashion Brand