GE 400 Transdisciplinary Senior Project Fall 2021 Poster Presentations

SECTION 1: T. Mine Kara / Pınar E. Önkol 

Group 1: The Failure of Paris Climate Agreement: A Perspective from the Developing World 

Group 2: Turkish Government Policies on the Central Bank Autonomy 

Group 3: Unseen Part of the UK’s Waste Trade Policy

Group 4: Remote Work: Is it the New Future? 

Group 5: Power of Social Media on the Society to Mobilize the Masses 

SECTION 2: Selver Şahin / Ersin Soylu

Group Blue: Achieving Sustainable Development: A Comparative Case Study on Costa Rica, Singapore and Turkey 

Group Cautioners: The Patterns of Women Workforce during Covid-19 in Germany and Turkey 

Group Lime: The Impact of the Paris Agreement on Carbon Emission 

Group UomoUniversale: The Effectiveness of Turkey’s Policy on Employment of Syrian Refugees for Reduced Inequalities Faced by Syrians in the Labor Market 

Group Polequal: Does Inequal Representation in Parliaments Cause Social Inequalities 

SECTION 3: F. Tahire Erman / Andrew W. Hassell

Group Ecowise: The Effects of Food Markets on Eco-Sustainability  

Group Outbreak: Covid-19 Vaccine Patents and Global Inequalities 

Group Star-Bucks: Consumption Culture and Life Satisfaction of the Middle Class 

Group Synergy: Smart City: A Way to Achieve Sustainable Life Through Citizen Participation 

Group Greenvision: Green Economy in Discourse and Practice: The Case of Agriculture in the Global South with a Focus on Brazil and India 

SECTION 4: M. Eray Yücel / Pınar E. Önkol

Group Serendipity: The Relationship Between Political Regimes and Policies Regarding Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare in Middle-income Trapped Countries 

Group Emeralds: Implementation of Deposit Refund System in the Ankara Province 

Group Ants: Ameliorating The Society: A Compact Refugee Integration System 

Group Tenants: A House of One’s Own: Housing Crisis of Young Adults in the Neoliberal Era in Turkey 

Group Wanderers: The Collectivist Local Administration Experiences in Fatsa and Ovacık 

SECTION 5: Burcu Sarı Karademir / Ersin Soylu

Group Greencoin: Tragedy of Commons and Environmentally Regulating Cryptocurrencies 

Group Researchers: Nuclear Energy: A Green Growth for China, India, and Pakistan 

Group Panda: China’s Food Security Under Climate Action 

Group Citizens: Education for Sustainable Development: The Case of FEASS at Bilkent University 

Group Ecofeminists: Gendering the Paris Agreement: The Turkish Case 

SECTION 6: Zerrin Tandoğan / Andrew W. Hassell

Group Firefly: Fight for Gender Equality 

Group Unison: Turkey’s Management of Water Sources 

Group BilkentUnited: Achieving Inclusive and Quality Education in Turkey 

Group Brainiacs: Turkey’s Road to SDG9