On Saturday 20 December, the student teams of GE443, GE444, and GE445 presented their transdisciplinary senior projects to panels of experts. Organized into a total of 36 teams, the students of all three courses worked on their team projects intensively throughout the semester. Students of GE443 ‘Social Challenges in Turkey’ analyzed multiple social challenges by integrating different disciplinary perspectives, and presented their projects to an expert panel consisting of Mustafa Egeli (Havelsan), Gökhan Koyuncu (Central Bank), and Clemens Hoffmann (Bilkent University, IR). The first prize was awarded to the team project entitled 'Regional Dimension of Welfare State Provision in Turkey'. In GE444 ‘Human Mobility and Development’, students explored, in a transdisciplinary manner, different dimensions of human mobility in relation to issues of development. Their panel consisted of Arınç Atak and Pelin Öztürk (Deloitte Turkey), Ozan Cakmak (International Labor Organization), Hakan Erten (Ministry of Development), and Bilgi Can Koksal (Ministry of European Union Affairs). The first prize was awarded to the project entitled ‘Labor Force Participation of Migrant Women in Ankara’. The third panel, held for GE445 ‘Power and Globalization’, evaluated student projects that explored how power works in the global political economy. The students presented their projects to Çağatay Telli (Ministry of Development), Senem Yıldırım (İpek University), Başar Arı (Ministry of EU Affairs), Gökçer Özgür (Hacettepe University), and Murat Özmen (Ministry of Economy). The project named ‘BRICs in Africa: the Rise of a Peripheral Power?’ was awarded the first prize.

FEASS GE courses have become the ultimate arena for senior FEASS students to conduct project management in transdisciplinary teams. GE projects continue to impress expert panellists since the launch of the courses in 2012. A novelty of the Fall 2014 GE courses was the fact that several panellists were Bilkent alumni. In the reception held at FEASS Atrium, students, their parents, panellists, and lecturers of GE courses celebrated one more successful semester.

In the Spring semester of 2014-2015, GE443 and GE445 will be offered to senior students of Economics, International Relations, and Political Science and Public Administration.

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