Bilkent University hosted Anis Chowdhury, Professor of Economics at University of Western Sydney (Australia) and former Director of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN-ESCAP). Anis Chowdhury was Founding Managing Editor of the Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy (1995-2008), and has published numerous scholarly
articles as well as 17 co-authored/edited books on East and Southeast Asia and macro-development issues. Entitled “7 Decades of the United Nations and Global Economic Challenges\", Prof. Chowdhury\'s talk was an interdisciplinary event that brought together scholars and students from international relations, economics, and political science.

After an introduction by Dean Yeldan, Prof. Chowdhury opened his lecture with an overview of the UN as an international organization and discussed its multifaceted impact in the developing world. Arguing the UN to be an organization that promote sustainable developmental goals, which are vital for developing countries, he discussed the concrete ways through which the UN has contributed to world economy over the decades. As a scholar of political economy and an economic researcher, he emphasized the role of the UN as an organization that played a critical function in policy
debates in global development and offered rich analysis to address contemporary challenges of development, trade, and inequality.