On Saturday 16 December, the student teams of GE443, GE444, GE445 and GE446 presented their transdisciplinary senior projects to panels of experts. Organized into a total of 28 teams, the students worked on their team projects intensively throughout the semester. The first panel, held for GE443 ‘Social Challenges in Turkey’ analysed multiple social challenges by integrating different disciplinary perspectives. The project named ‘The Dark Side of Neoliberalism: Slum Youth& Drugs’ was awarded the first prize. The GE444 panel on ‘Human Mobility and Development’, aims to address the increased human mobility and its effects on development. The project named ‘Stateless People’ was awarded the first prize. The GE445 panel on ‘Power and Development’ evaluated student projects that explored how power works in the global political economy. The project named ‘Can Shanghai Cooperation Organization be an Alternative to the EU for Turkey?’ was awarded the first prize.The last panel held for GE446 ‘Development: Critical Perspectives and New Directions’, approached to the issue of development from a critical perspective that includes both the prospects and challenges of development. This course also discussed new possibilities in our understanding of development, from ‘sustainability’ to ‘de-growth’. The first prize was awarded to the team project entitled ‘Relationship between Revolution and Development in the Light of the Jasmine Revolution’.
FEASS GE courses have become the ultimate arena for senior FEASS students to conduct project management in transdisciplinary teams. GE projects continue to impress expert panellists since the launch of the courses in 2012. In the reception held at FEASS Atrium, students, panellists, and lecturers of GE courses celebrated the challenging but successful semester.

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