Congratulations to Associate Professor Fatma Ta┼čk─▒n who received a Bilkent Distinguished Teaching Award for 2012. This is the 10th teaching award for FEASS and it is a reflection of our emphasis on teaching excellence. Previous awardees are: G├╝lriz B├╝ken (1997), Serdar Sayan (1998), ├ľmer Faruk Gen├žkaya (1999), Erin├ž Yeldan, Serdar G├╝ner (2002), Tar─▒k Kara (2005), Selin Sayek B├Âke (2006), Alev ├ç─▒nar (2008), Refet G├╝rkaynak (2010), Basak Ince (2011). Here is Fatma Hoca's reflections on the award: I am delighted and greatly honored to receive this prestigious teaching award.
This award means a lot to me, especially since it is shared by many faculty members, both junior and senior, at the university, whose teaching and attitudes toward the teaching profession continue to inspire me and make me want to move my teaching skills forward.
I would like to thank the past and present students I have encountered over 20 years at Bilkent University. Their intelligence, curiosity and zest for life and learning have made my profession interesting and challenging. It has been an absolute privilege to learn with them. My goal has been to provide them the intellectual stimulus, the respect they deserve, and the encouragement to become the best they can be. It is most inspiring to see students who come to the university a bit unsure of themselves, with many questions about the world, in a matter of a few years gain confidence in their abilities and become individuals who are productive and contributing members of society.
Bilkent University, with its pursuit of excellence in teaching, as well as in research, provides an environment that encourages all students and faculty members to give their best performances. Hence I would like to thank the university for running everything smoothly and efficiently and creating an atmosphere that is most conducive to a great learning/teaching experience. Last but not least, I would like to give my special thanks to my colleagues for nominating me and supporting my candidacy for this wonderful and meaningful award.