Early Ottoman Military and Administrative Order in the Balkans by Evgeni Radushev

Dr. Evgeni R. Radushev of the Department of History and Göksel Baş, PhD Candidate at the same department have published a new book titled “Early Ottoman Military and Administrative Order in the Balkans: A Muster Roll of the Voynuk Corps (Defter-i Esâmî-i Voynugân) in the Western Balkans from 1487”. The book was recently released by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences: Research Centre for the Humanities.

The voynuk military organization was established as the Ottomans advanced into the Balkans. Historical tradition dates them to the reign of Murad I (1362–1389). The Ottoman survey register published in the book reveals the exact number of voynuks in a strategically important region for the Ottoman offensive in the Western Balkans. It will help researchers consolidate their knowledge concerning the early military and administrative order in Ottoman Rumelia.