New Book By Nil TekgĂŒl

“Emotions in the Ottoman Empire: Politics, Society and Family in the Early Modern Era”, a new book by Dr. Nil TekgĂŒl of the Department of History is one of the first monograph-length studies analyzing emotions in the political, social and familial ties in the early modern Ottoman society. The book which has been published by Bloomsbury Publishing, Plc. and explores what it meant and how it felt like to protect and be protected in the early modern society and how Ottoman subjects conceptualized the unequal power relations. Drawing on Ottoman primary sources such as advice manuals, judicial court records and imperial decrees, this book claims that the contested concept of ‘protection’, was culturally specific and historically contingent and stands at the center of all debates about how the Ottoman empire and society itself employed the politics of difference. The central argument of the book is that it was emotions in the early modern era which provided the meaning of the concept of “protection”.