Dr. Nedim Karakayalı (POLS) and Dr. Clemens Hoffmann (IR) gave a talk at FEASS Doctoral Workshop Series on ‘Why do a Phd?’ on October 31. The speakers reflected upon the reasons of why people decide to do PhD and shared their own experiences with FEASS doctoral students about the challenges of PhD process. These challenges varied, Dr. Karakayalı and Dr. Hoffmann underlined, from finding a good topic, understanding literature, to time-management and financial problems. During the Question and Answer session, with the participation of the audience, doctoral students had a unique opportunity to discuss their issues with Members of Faculty.
‘FEASS Doctoral Workshops’ are designed to prepare students for local and global academia and non-academic paths. Additionally, the workshops provide additional guidance and support to help PhD students complete their degrees in a timely fashion.
The next workshop will be on November 28 by Dr. Can Mutlu (IR). Dr. Mutlu will talk on ‘Qualitative Research in Social Sciences’.
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