New Book By Nil Tekgül

“Emotions in the Ottoman Empire: Politics, Society and Family in the Early Modern Era”, a new book by Dr. Nil Tekgül of the Department of History is one of the first monograph-length studies analyzing emotions in the political, social and familial ties in the early modern Ottoman society. The book which has been published by Bloomsbury Publishing, Plc. and explores what it meant and how it felt like to protect and be protected in the early modern society and how Ottoman subjects conceptual...Read More

Spring 2022 GE 400 Poster Presentations

Spring semester project posters of GE 400 students are now available.

GE 400 Transdisciplinary Senior Project is a one-semester six-credit course offered to senior students of Economics, International Relations and Political Science and Public Administration Departments. The course is jointly conducted by the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences and the Faculty Academic English Program (FAE).

Feel free to browse the project posters at http://fea...Read More

Jean Monnet Module Funding from the European Commission

Dr. Tuğba Bayar of the Department of International Relations has been awarded Jean Monnet Module funding from the European Commission for her project on “International and European Protection of Human Rights” (EUHR).

A Jean Monnet module is a short teaching program in the field of European studies at an institution of higher education. Dr. Bayar’s EUHR module includes courses as well as various scholarly events and seminars intended to build awareness, expand knowledge, sti...Read More

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