Bilkent Shines at the 19th National Turkish Psychology Conference

Congratulations to all of our graduate students, undergraduates, and alumni who presented at the 19th National Turkish Psychology Conference (19. Ulusal Psikoloji Kongresi). Special congratulations go to Bahar Bozbıyık for giving an exhilarating oral presentation alongside our esteemed colleagues at Koç, ODTÜ, Istanbul University and Ege University.
A detailed list of Bilkent presentations can be found below.
Oral Presentations
• Annelerin Dil Kullanım Özelliklerini...Read More

FEASS Transdisciplinary Senior Project Courses

Poster Presentations
On April 25, senior students from Economics, International Relations, Political Science and Public Administration present the results of their research projects conducted as part of GE4XX Transdisciplinary Senior Project Courses. Student teams have been working on exciting projects about social challenges in Turkey, mobility and development, and critical perspectives on development during the Spring semester.
The teams received feedback from faculty members a...Read More

9. TASAM Stratejik Vizyon Ödülleri Açıklandı

Stratejik Vizyon Sahibi Bilim İnsanı Ödülü
Prof. Dr. Alp Erinç YELDAN, Bilkent Üniversitesi, İktisadi, İdari ve Sosyal Bilimler Fakültesi Dekanı

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