Jean Monnet Module Funding from the European Commission

Dr. Tuğba Bayar of the Department of International Relations has been awarded Jean Monnet Module funding from the European Commission for her project on “International and European Protection of Human Rights” (EUHR).

A Jean Monnet module is a short teaching program in the field of European studies at an institution of higher education. Dr. Bayar’s EUHR module includes courses as well as various scholarly events and seminars intended to build awareness, expand knowledge, sti...Read More

New Book by Tolga Bölükbaşı

“Euro-Austerity and Welfare States,” a new book by Asst. Prof. H. Tolga Bölükbaşı of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, provides comparative insights regarding this hot-button policy issue. The book, published by the University of Toronto Press, analyzes the politics of budgetary and welfare state reform in the first episode of Euro-austerity during the 1990s, in countries where austerity’s impact was expected to be greatest. Based on in-depth comparative ca...Read More


* Beginning with the 2021-22 Fall semester, courses, laboratories, studios, midterms, end-of-term exams, and all other evaluation activities will be held face-to-face at Bilkent.
* In addition to other Covid-19 measures in force, Bilkent University has imposed vaccination and testing requirements. Please follow these and be vaccinated.
* It is mandatory to wear masks in all open and closed areas, fully covering the mouth and nose. When eating and drinking, the mask can be temporar...Read More

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