The first session of ‘Kamu Sohbetleri’, organized by the Faculty of Economics, Administrative, and Social Sciences, was held on October 24, 2014 with the participation of four FEASS graduates currently working in the public sector. Adem Yazıcı (POLS/ ’00, Ministry of Customs and Trade), Uğur Kaydan (ECON/ ’07, Information and Communication Technologies Authority), Çağatay Telli (ECON/ ’00, Ministry of Development), and Hüsnü Ada (IR/’01, Ministry of Economy) were the distinguished speakers for the first talk.

The talk began with the guests explaining their choice to work in the public sector. They then highlighted the factors that encouraged them to work in civil institution, and shared the advantages that were offered to them by the public sector. They also shared their expertise regarding the public sector exam process. The guests emphasized that Bilkent graduates were privileged in the exam especially in terms of the critical thinking skills that they acquired at Bilkent.

FEASS ‘Kamu Sohbetleri’ brings together former graduates of FEASS, who are working in the public sector, and students, in order to facilitate their interaction. The objective is to help FEASS students to gain knowledge about the public sector at a time when they are deciding about future career paths.

Please follow for the upcoming events.