2016 Fall GE 445

1. Rich Country, Poor People: Struggle Against Poverty in Nigeria

2. How Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) has been Developing from the Time it has begun and how Regional Development Agencies have been Impacting the Southeastern Region?

3. Pharmaceutical Lobby: Negative Impacts on Public Health and Economy

4. Relationship between Brexit and Migration

5. Work-Related Accidents in Turkey Compared to Other Countries Within the Perspective of Subcontracts

6. Losers of the New Century: Modernization and Globalization Challenge

7. Economic, Social and Political Differences between Nigeria and Indonesia after Discovering Oil Reserves and the Use of Oil with Different Policies

8. Influence of Education Policies on Development

9. Analysis of industrialization and understand how policy implementations affect society

10. The Informal Economy: Persistence, Impact of Development, and Possibility of Formalization in Turkey.