GE 400 Transdisciplinary Senior Project Spring 2022 Poster Presentations

SECTION 1: Tahire Erman / Andrew Hassell

Group Eco-friends: The Spirit of the Era: Fast Fashion or Sustainable Fashion?

Group Birbal: Economic Gains of the Developed World Against Ecological Costs of Developing Countries

Group Wreckers: Soft Power in the Middle East: The Case of Turkey in Northern Syria

Group Brainstorm: The Covid-19 Pandemic Measures: Comparison of Northern And Southern Europe

Group Magnifiers: University Youth and Ideological Mobilization

SECTION 2: Dimitrios Akrivoulis / Ersin Soylu

Group Juxtaposition: Profile of the Covid-19 Anti-Vaxxers in Greece and Their Political and Ideological Engagements

Group 2: The Environmental Impact of Socioeconomic Policies in the USSR and the USA during the Cold War

Group Transition: Energy Transition and EU-Russia Relations: The Role of Visegrad

Group Finlanders: Finland’s Neutrality During and After Cold War

Group Green: Transition to Green Economy in India

SECTION 3: M. Eray Y├╝cel / Ersin Soylu

Group Allies: Online Delivery & Social Welfare

Group Euphoria: Recentralization in Turkey

Group Strikers: Turkey’s Success in Decreasing Violence Against Children

Group Teacup: Gender Inequality in Sports

SECTION 4: Zerrin Tando─čan / P─▒nar E. ├ľnkol

Group 1: Climate Activists: Taking Immediate Action for a Sustainable Future

Group 2: Sustainable Future with Responsible Day

Group 3: Affordable and Clean Energy

Group 4: Turkey and the Challenges of Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture

Group 5: Water is the New Gold

SECTION 5: Burcu Sar─▒ Karademir / Ersin Soylu

Group Robots: The Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Workforce of Japan

Group Zola: Paris Agreement: Implications on the Sub-Saharan Africa

Group Istanbul: Localizing Sustainable Development Goals: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Group Quasar: Energy Poverty of Women in Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe

SECTION 6: T. Mine Kara / P─▒nar E. ├ľnkol

Group Jupiter Jazz: Critical Environmental Security

Group Blue: Resource Curse and Democratization Standards in Central Asian Countries

Group Avocado: Social Media: A Tool for Development?

Group Four Columns: Catexit: Was the Eurozone Crisis the Catalyst for the Rise of the Catalan Independence Movement?

Group Peanuts: Covid-19 and Morality